Enterprise DWH with DB2 9 for z/OS

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In this IBM Redbooks® publication, we focus on today’s software components on System z
and show how you can use them to realize the infrastructure for a full data warehouse
solution. By using a retail business scenario loosely based on the TPC-H benchmark, we
guide you through the warehouse implementation steps. In addition, we highlight the available
methods, techniques, and technologies for the deployment of this solution:

  • System z and Linux® on System zDB2 9 for z/OS
  • InfoSphere™ DataStage® and InfoSphere QualityStage
  • WebSphere® Q Replication and WebSphere Data Event Publisher
  • Cognos® 8 BI

This book provides an opportunity for you to look at satisfying the operational needs of
corporate users in addition to the longer term needs. In addition, business decision makers,
architects, implementers, DBAs, and data acquisition specialists can use this book to gain a
better understanding of how a data warehouse can be designed, implemented, and used.

This book is dedicated only to the first step of implementing a BI solution and concentrates on
the setup of the infrastructure. It does not intend to cover all the aspects of a BI solution. For
example, specific considerations on data sharing, very large databases, data mining,
performance, and capacity planning are intentionally excluded and will be the topics of future

Enterprise Data Warehousing with DB2 9 for z_OS

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